How to use The Book of Nod



The Book of Nod is not designed to be definitive book an the nature of vampires and their founder, Caine. There are no game mechanics within. The reason behind this is that The Book of Nod is meant to be 100 percent setting material. Ideally, Storytellers will use The Book of Nod as a prop in either their Masquerade Mind’s Eye Theatre game or their Vampire: The Masquerade chronicles.


They may also use it to seed their games with an authentic culture: the culture of the Antediluvians which filters down from Clain himself. Want to make an Elder seem ancient and ultra-conservative? Have him quote from The Cronicle of Shadows. Want to give players the sense that they are close to the Antediluvians? Have them find a tablet with a fragment of the Cronicle of Cain on it. What to scare them with threats of Gehenna? Have a Malkavian quote The Cronicle of Secrets to them.