The Book of Nod



   Anarch: Rebel Kindred who reject the authority of the elders.

   Antediluvians: One of the thirteen third-generation Kindred; Grandchilder of Caine. Each founded a Clan.

   Archons: Powerful Camarilla warriors charged with enforcing the Masquerade and the Traditions.

   The Beast: The hateful drives that push a vampire to become a monster. The push to Frenzy.

   Blood Bond:(Blood Oath) A mystical rite binding the will of one Kindred to another.

   Camarilla:Global Conclave of seven Clans and free Kindred. Created to enforce the Masquerade.

   Caine: The first child of Adam and Eve. Thought to be the first vampire.

  Cainite: A vampire, usually of great age.

   Caitiff: Clanless Kindred.

   Clan: A group of vampires descended from a particular Antediluvian.

   Elder: Old vampire, more than 300 years old. Note that some anarchs from the original anarch revolt are now Elders.

   Embrace: The bite. The process of making a human into a vampire.

   Frenzy: The state of berserk bloodlust. The Beast unleashed.

   Gehenna: Kindred Armageddon, when the Antediluvians awaken to consume their young.

   Golconda:Kindred salvation, in which the vampire is freed of bloodlust and the urges of the Beast.

   Inquisition:The war humans waged on vampires in the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth century.

   Justicars:Camarilla enforcers.

   Jyhad:The games the Antediluvians play The Jyhad finds expression in the Anarch War, oppression of neonatcs by the elders, and the Sabbat-Camarilla War.

   Kindred: Vampires.


   Masquerade: The effort to hide Kindred from the world of mortals.

   Neonate: (Childe. Childer. Neonate. Fledgling): Young vampire, recently Embraced.

   Prince: The vampiric ruler of a city.

   Sabbat:Global organization of two clans and free Kindred that grew out of the Anarch Rebellion.

   Sire: Parent and creator of a vampire. Used for both men and women.