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The Chronicle of Caine

The Chronicle of Caine


I dream of the first times1

the longest memory

I speak of the first times2

the oldest Father

I sing of the first times

and the dawn of Darkness


In Nod3, where the light of Paradise

lit up the night sky

and the tears of our parents wet the ground


Each of us, in out way,

set about to live

and take our sustenance from the land.


And I first-born Caine, I,

with sharp things4,

planted the dark seeds5

wet them in earth

tended them, watched them grow


And Abel second-born Abel

tended the animals

aided their bloody births6

fed them, watched them grow


I loved him, my Brother

He was the brighest

The sweetest.

The strongest.

He was the first part

of all my joy7.


Then one day our Father8 said to us.

Caine, Abel to Him Above9

you must make a sacrifice -

a gift of the first part

of all that you have


And I, first-born Caine, I

gathered the tender shoots

the brightest fruits

the sweetest grass


And Abel, second-born, Abel

slaughtered the youngest,

the strongest,

the sweetest of his animals


On the altar of our Father

we laid our sacrifices

and lit fire under them

and watched the smoke carry them

up to the One Above


The sacrifice of Abel, second-born,

smelled sweet to the One Above

and Abel was blessed.


And, I, first-born Caine, I

was struck from beyond by10

a harsh word and a curse,

for my sacrifice was unworthy.


I looked at Abel’s sacrifice,

still smoking the flesh, the blood.

I cried, I held my eyes

I prayed in night and day


And when Father said11

the time for Sacrifice

has come again


And Abel led his youngest,

his sweetest,

his most beloved

to the sacrificial fire


I did not bring my

youngest, my sweetest,

for I knew the One Above

would not want them.


And my brother,

beloved Abel said to me

"Caine, you did not bring

a sacrifice, a gift of the first

part of you joy,

to burn on the altar

of the One Above.”


I cried tears of love as I,

with sharp things,

sacrificed that

which was the

first part of

my joy, my brother.


And the Blood of Abel12

covered the altar

and smelled sweet

as it burned


But my Father said

"Cursed are you, Caine,

who killed your brother.

As I was cast out

so shall you be.”13


And He exiled me to wander in Darkness,

the land of Nod.14


I flew into the Darkness

I saw no source of light

and I was afraid.15

And alone.