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The tale of the Crone

The Tale of the Crone

For a year and a day45
Caine labored in service
to a Crone, who with blood-wisdom.
bound him as surety
as any prisoner.


She would visit him at night
force him to give up his blood
for her secret elixirs

and potent formulas


She would take his Childer's Childer,

and they would never be heard from again.


But Caine was wise. He did not drink

from her ever again.

And she did not ask him to, thinking

that he was ever in her Thrall.


One night. Caine went to the Crone in the forest.

and told her of terrible dreams

that he had during his sleep.


"I fear for my life, Crone.

I fear the prophecy of Auriel,

and my Children's lust for my blood.

Tell me secret knowledge, that I might

be powerful against my own."


And the Crone went to a tree

made of gopher wood,46

and broke off a limb.

She took a sharp knife

and sharpened the limb.


"Take this piece of living wood, sharp, strong,

pierce the heart of your wayward childe.

It will render him still, and yours to command.

Instead of feasting on your heart's blood,

he will feel the weight of your justice."


Caine said. "Thank you, Mother," and

With that, moving in quick movements,

Caine took the stake of gopher wood,

seized it and drove it deep within the Crone's heart.


Because Caine, wise Caine

had fed not upon her for a year and a day

and because he forced his Will through

his hands, he broke the Bond she held

on him, and turned his fortune.


She laughed again, as blood welled up

and poured out of her mouth.

Her eyes poured out hate.

Caine kissed her

once, kissed her

cold, withred lips,

and left her there

to Raphael’s gentle smile:

the sun that rises.