The Book of Nod
Of Progeny
The Rules
of the Canaille
Of the Feeding
Of the
Gifts of Caine
Of those
who serve
Of the
Moon Beasts
Of the Wild Ones
On the Enlighted
Of those Spirits
of the Dead
Of the Commandments 
to the Kindred
The Words of
the Clan Chiefs26
A Valediction, 
Forbidding Diablerie
Caine's Law
and  Punishment
Notes to the
Chronicle of Shadows
A brief word...

A Brief Word on

The Chronicle of Shadows


  These are a collection of pieces and fragments that I have unearthed during my many travels. I must admit that I have used a considerable amount of personal prudence in determining the contents of this book. This is because there are known complete versions of the Chronicle of Shadows. In fact, many of the scholars who have researched this Chronicle claim that it is not a part of the Book of Nod, but rather a creation if the scholars and writers of Carthage who took poetic license in writing down "Caine’s Laws.” Still, I have seen enough seminal text, enough original foundation to convince me that these fragments have some basis in the actual words of our Father, his children, and his grandchildren.

  Choros, who was an admitted member of the Sabbat, told me that he believed the Chronicle of Shadows to be a collection of propaganda created by the Camarilla to support its tyrannical reign. I do not believe this to be the case, but it is quite uncanny that many of Caine’s Laws and the Traditions of the Camarilla dovetail.

   It is my sincerest hope that these fragments are not some elaborate Malkavian prank, especially the thirteen commandments, which were provided on authentically aged tablets. Still, they were too enticing to leave out. So, Iharkav , if you are reading this and you’ve tricked me, a point in your favor, and I’ll be sure to exact revenge when next I see you!