The Book of Nod
The Chronicle 
of Secrets 1
The Chronicle 
of Secrets 2
The Chronicle 
of Secrets 3
The Chronicle 
of Secrets 4
The Chronicle 
of Secrets 5
Notes on the 
Chronicle of Secrets
A Brief Word on

This is perhaps the shortest of the three Chronicles, but it contains prophecy and visions, and our kind are not generally given to superstitious mutterings, only Saulot had the gift of prophecy. It is possible that Zillah, Caine’s wife, also had this gift.

   I have often commented that the things which affected the Antediluvians thoughts also continue to affect our thoughts today. Surely these prophecies of Gehenna, thin blood, Lupines, and the like have begun to cause "self-fulfillment” of these prophecies. Because their worries are passed down from Generation to Generation, a ripple of paranoia and fear continues to reverberate through the Cainites, and through the the Canaille.